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In line with the mission statement, the NPS recognizes every individual as created “in the image and likeness of God”, capable of knowing and loving his Creator, and was appointed by Him as the Master of all earthly creatures that he may subdue them and use them for God’s glory.

The NPS therefore aims at the formation of the whole child: the total and harmonious development of every student’s spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, physical, and social faculties so that he may successfully relate with the material world around him, his neighbors and his God.

    The school then aims to:

  1. inculcate the knowledge of God and his neighbors;
  2. develop Christian values and attitudes which would assist him to grow and effect growth towards the right direction;
  3. develop the child’s appreciation for the true, the good and the beautiful;
  4. facilitate the development of values like self-reliance, frugality, simplicity, and love for our distinctively Filipino Christian values;
  5. develop respect for legitimate authority and love for country;
  6. train the child to be constantly aware of his environment and to assist him to see his responsibility in whatever situation he faces;
  7. form a praying individual at the service of his fellowmen;
  8. develop the ability to think critically and communicate his thoughts logically, accurately, and truthfully without being offensive;
  9. develop the child’s study habits, physical powers and motor abilities, and foster good health and attitudes;
  10. develop in the child good social habits, love for work, ability to work well with others, and the determination to attain group goals;
  11. develop authentic Christian leaders;
  12. tap the best possible vocation for Priesthood;
  13. develop the maximum potential of children with special needs.
  14. produce graduates who are adequately equipped with relevant knowledge, values, attitudes, and 21st century skills; who are grateful and refined, heralds and doers of the Good News and a life given over to the service of the less fortunate.

In working for the attainment of the above objectives, the school hopes to be a community of Faith and Service for Justice.