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The Second Vatican Council has carefully considered the “Paramount importance of education in the life of man, and its ever-mounting influence on the social progress of this age.”

It is in this light that the Naga Parochial School has as its primary objective the total and harmonious development of every individual “so that he may successfully relate with the material world around him, his neighbors and his God.”

Therefore, the school hopes to instill Gospel values and deepen the faith of the individual through varied experiences provided in the different subject areas. However, it is in the Christian Living and Values Education Program that this goal is reinforced.

The CLVE Program of the school focuses its direction to the “realization of the need for an integrated catechesis” that is, there is the “knowledge of the Word of God (Doctrine), profession of faith in daily life (Morals), and celebration of faith in the sacraments (Worship).”

This will be realized in the pedagogy of faith that takes into account all the possible approaches to Christ who comes to man as a mystery to be revealed, celebrated and witnessed in hand with man’s ability of learning that is, in his cognitive, behavioral and affective domain. The cognitive learning will yield knowledge and understanding of the mystery of Christ as WORD through familiarization of God’s Words in the Sacred Scriptures and understanding of the basic doctrines of faith. Behavioral learning will promote responsibility to the mystery by being a witness to Christ following the Christian Morality in line of God’s Commandments. Affective learning will evoke appreciation and esteem for the mystery as celebration through acts of worship in the sacraments, liturgy and other forms of prayers.

The department utilizes a pedagogy the moves the faith into action thus, the SEE-JUDGE-ACT Process helps the learners to develop critical judgment about situations, events and structures. It is a simple method of providing opportunities for the learners to stop, stand back from a situation and reflect on it by understanding and relating to the Scriptures and Church Teachings before jumping in and taking into action. It is a pedagogy which brings about the “fidelity to God and to Man” and can serve with God’s grace to guide every NPS learner to reach the fullness of Christian life.


Being identified as the core subject of a Catholic institution, the CLVE Department envisions to attain the school’s goal to be a Community of Faith and Service for Justice.

It is therefore, the aim of the CLVE program to realize the motto of the school: “Let the Little children come to Me.” (Mk 10:14 ), that as the learners continue to learn the academic lessons, they would come to Jesus confidently bearing the Gospel values.

Sinite parvulos venire ad me. (Mk. 10:14)​