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To address the increasing collective demands specifically on the Filipino children today, important educational developments in the educational school curriculum of the Naga Parochial School are purposely considered to prepare the pupils not only with intellectual skills but social and life skills as well. The development of sound human values has always been the concern of all – the home, the school, community and society. Thus, the school recognizes the importance of Homeroom Guidance and sees to it that the pupils are provided with essential opportunities for self-understanding, self-direction and self-actualization.


The school strives to create the “home” atmosphere through the Homeroom Guidance Program. Homeroom creates an occasion for the adviser and the pupils to be bound by camaraderie, understanding, love, respect and unity.

The homeroom is where we find a most effective vehicle for guidance, a place where teachers get to know their pupils more intimately, where opportunities are provided for the development of proper attitudes, values, character traits and life skills. It also serves as the venue for guiding young boys and girls in all areas of development. It is where they can express their thoughts and feelings and allow them to experience a sense of freedom encouraged by the informal and personal atmosphere that prevails.

Homeroom activities help pupils explore their inner selves, their strengths and weaknesses, and prepare them to cope with pressure, simple decision making as well as problem solving. Moreover, the school’s core values or NPS FIRES (Faith, Integrity, Respect and Social Responsibility) are being integrated in the homeroom activities.


General Objectives:

1. To develop a sound and worthy value system rooted on the Gospel values and Christian virtues.

2. To guide the pupils in their spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual and social growth.

3. To help the pupils realize their dignity as human beings so as to give them a feeling of worth and sense of belongingness.

Sinite parvulos venire ad me. (Mk. 10:14)​