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Through the study of Elementary Science, the learners should grow in their knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the natural phenomena in the world around them, develop abilities and skills needed to engage in the processes or ways in which such knowledge is acquired, and imbibe attitudes and values on the application of science and technology to enhance the quality of human life. The aim is not to produce scientists, even though scientific interests sometimes may have their roots in elementary school, but to help learners acquire knowledge, skills and values needed by every human being in varying degrees as this effect their way of living.


A. General Objectives

In general, the Science Program shall help the learners acquire the following at a level commensurate with their stages of maturity and development.

The learners shall show:

1. Understanding of general science concepts needed to comprehend and interpret natural phenomena.

2. Scientific attitude and inquiring mind that will investigate phenomena objectively and seek answers to problems based on experimentation and data.

3. Skills involved in the science learning process such as observing, ordering, classifying, inferring, formulating hypothesis, measuring, and interpreting findings.

4. Application of scientific processes and methods in the solution of problems involving individual and social situations.

5. Appreciation of the uses of science and technology for the betterment of the quality of life of the people and in national related development.

6. Appreciation, desirable attitudes, and values toward the limitations and consequences of science and technology as they relate to human environment and survival.

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