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For the past seventy-two years (72), Naga Parochial School has been committed to the Catholic Education of young children – the formation of the whole child and the total and harmonious development of every pupils spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, physical and social faculty so that he may successfully relate with the material world around him, his neighbor and his God.

From time to time, the school had pupils who are DIFFERENT from the rest. These are the children with special needs like Mental Retardation, Autism, Giftedness and Cerebral Palsy. The school tried to provide them with the education they needed.

Cognizant of the fact that there will always be children who are different and special, the school aspires to offer special education in order to provide appropriate educational experiences to meet their special and unique needs, thereby developing their full potential. The school believes that no matter what their exceptionalities are, they are worth cherishing for the potential contribution they may make to the community and for what their contribution may mean to others. Further, the more we do to give the handicapped the educational climate and opportunities needed for their development and self-fulfillment, the more we contribute to national progress.

During the first few years of life, the physical, intellectual and emotional development is most malleable and is most receptive to outside influence. Opportunities for the early improvement of special children are greater the sooner the handicap is detected and educational intervention is started. Aware of their needs, the NPS provides educational services as early as three years.


General Objectives

1. To develop the maximum potential of the child with special needs to:

a. ble him to become self-reliant

b. vide him with the opportunities for a full and happy life

2. To help them live and develop in the mainstream of society.

Specific Objectives

1. To inculcate the knowledge of God and his neighbors

2. To develop and maximize learning competence

3. To inculcate positive values

4. To offer opportunities for early childhood training, education and rehabilitation

5. To develop different modes of communication through speaking, writing reading, gestures and picture exchange communication

6. To develop sound perception, improve speech and build adequate knowledge

7. To develop basic skills such as self-help and social skills

Offerings for:

1. Children with Learning Disabilities

2. Children with Mental Retardation or with Downs Syndrome

3. Children who are physically handicapped (CP)

4. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Curriculum and Programs

1. Special Curriculum

2. Inclusion / Mainstreaming

3. Pull out ( Ability Groupings ) in English and Math

4. Resource Room

5. Cooperative Class Plan

Sinite parvulos venire ad me. (Mk. 10:14)​