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Naga Parochial School provides a varied program of Co- Curricular Activities to the students. The purpose of co- curricular activities is to supplement their academic learning, to develop their individual talents, initiative, cooperation and generosity and to train and produce leaders.

In the Naga Parochial School, the clubs are classified into two categories: Non-Sports and Sports Clubs. It is offered in Preschool up to High School. Varied activities are given to the students that provide opportunities for learning in informal setting and addresses their spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional and social needs.

Moderators are assigned to the different clubs. The Primary Levels composed of Sped , Preschool until Grade II has exclusive clubs organized by their respective Advisers. The Grades 3 to 10 students were given the option to select the clubs that they prefer. These clubs offer different activities that are geared towards the development of the giftedness, talents, creativity and skills of the students.

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