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Juan Carlos R. Madrid (GS 2015/JHS 2019) and John Paul M. Aven (GS 2016/JHS 2020)

NPS Seal

Diamond: Nurture. Preserve.Share


Diamond: Nurture. Preserve.Share


The image of Jesus Christ represents his eternal call to let all children come to his nurturing, preserving and caring love (cf. Mk 10:14); a call that the Naga Parochial School has heeded and responded to over the past seventy-five years. The Pastoral Staff that Jesus bears is a reminder of the School’s mission and vision of leading its students to salvation through promoting their total and harmonious development. On the other hand, the outstretched arm of Christ is a symbol of the school’s openness to embrace all students, regardless of age, gender, economic profile, or ability


• The quill pen symbolizes St. John the Evangelist, Patron of the Naga Parochial School and of the Metropolitan Cathedral-Parish. Known as the “beloved disciple,” he too nurtures, preserves and cares for the students and teachers who are entrusted to his patronage. The pen is also a reminder of the holistic formation that students receive in the School; as it symbolizes not only the students’ pursuit of knowledge and understanding, but also the Gospel Values they must imbibe in their day-to-day lives.


• The dome of the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral is a reminder of the School’s nature and roots as a “Parochial” School. It is emblematic of the humble beginning of the School, since its early classes and graduations were first conducted in the Cathedral Church and Convent. As one of the first four Cathedrals in the entire country, it is also a symbol of our five-hundred-year-old faith – a blessing that must be nurtured, preserved and shared for generations to come, especially in each student of the Naga Parochial School


• The students represent the object of the School’s motto, mission and vision, and anniversary theme. From the moment they enter as little children until their graduation, the School ensures that they are led to the nurturing, preserving and caring love of Christ. The male student also represents the School’s fruitful past and future, as it has now produced over seventy clergymen who continue to sow seeds in the vineyard of the Lord. On the other hand, the female student is prominently featured as a symbol of progress and change, with the School adapting to meet the demands of the present times.